“I use it to get energized in the mornings and calm at night. It keeps me focused and balanced.” –Sandra Rogoza, Calgary, Canada

“This audio is fantastic.  It keeps me clear and focused.  I listen to it several times a day to be able to run my business.”  —Alli Ferguson, Alisa Viejo


Anastasia become so ill 20 years ago, she only had two good hours a day.  With a demanding career as a scientist and a challenging personal life, she was unable to fulfill what she saw as her life’s calling: scientific research at the highest international level.  Conventional medicine held no satisfying or workable answers.

With her research skills and in depth knowledge of physics and chemistry, she studied the gamut of natural and energy medicine.  The fundamental truth is that our bodies were designed to be healthy and that scientific cause and effect was at the bottom of every issue.

Scientific healing was borne of this fundamental truth.

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, a physicist and researcher, professor and healer, developed the protocols that have helped hundreds of her clients and students experience miracles, medical and otherwise.  Not only did health improve, often dramatically, but income went up sometimes dramatically, interpersonal skills improved, happiness increased, and even colds became virtually non-existent.  When you are ready to have these in your life or company, connect with Anastasia.

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Kristen Alexander, Master Healer and Medium

“I am so grateful spirit connected me with Anastasia.  As a healer she possess both a scientific mind and extensive energy knowledge, a unique and rare combination. She's the truly the Scientific Healer. ”

Elaine Starling, Founder – Why 5% Succeed

"When I met Anastasia, she gave me one simple tip. It’s totally transformed my life already. I’ve been doing this one little exercise for just 24 hours, twice. The ideas that are now accessible to me are unbelievable. It really opened me up. I can’t wait to work with Anastasia. She’s fabulous. You have GOT to check her out.”

Alexander Boehler, Everett, WA

“Three days after being healed by Anastasia, my fibromyalgia pain of 11 years dissipated.  No doctor could help.  I haven’t needed to touch Vicodin in the 8 months since and I’m now reducing the antidepressant medication.  I’ll be off all medication shortly.  It has allowed me to live a more normal and active life.  Priceless.”

Allisson Griesedieck, Luminous Well Being

“I had an AMAZING session with Anastasia: She cleared me and relationship baggage with someone from my past. She helped me clear negative thought forms of fear, doubt and worry that have been running me since my childhood. I feel lighter, brighter and more at ease within myself. I highly recommend booking a session with her.  Check her out – your life will change for the better!"

Sarah Nehamen

“Anastasia is incredible. She is a truly gifted healer with a unique approach that is grounded in clear scientific facts that are easy for anyone to understand. Since my session with her, my mind has been clear and I have felt a breath of new possibilities enter my life. I look forward to working with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity or restoration on any level.”

Dale Gibbons, Founder of Master Your Business Academy

“Thank you for your help healing my wife from her mysterious illness that the best doctors in the country couldn’t solve.” 

Eiji Morishita, Founder of Movement Makers

“Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the person I recommend to all my colleagues who need healing and traditional medicine or practices have failed. Her message needs to be heard. Anastasia has been my healer and I’ve noticed my energy and vitality significantly increase.”

Lisa Greenfield, Truth in Hand

“There a clarity, breadth and understanding in Anastasia’s work that lends itself to immediate results and continuous ongoing improvements. She cleared my stubborn lung congestion when no one else could. I give her my highest recommendation.”

Cindy Goldenberg, Medium and TV Personality

“Anastasia is THE MOST AMAZING INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALER I’ve ever met! She helped me when no one else could. Truly not of this world. Fascinating, extremely accurate & instantly uplifting, I promise– you will never feel the same again! Unblock, Clear & Attract —Go See Her!! “

Dr. Marion Mehrer, Executive Placement

“Before I started working with Anastasia, my brain was foggy, I had no energy, I couldn’t deliver speeches coherently, I was in pain, and I could barely earn money.  During the first six months I’ve been working with Anastasia, I have earned an average of $10,000 per month. I then took her course "Energize Me" and discovered how easy it was for me to maintain my own health.”


|            WITH DR. ANASTASIA 

Corporate Mindfulness Programs customized to suit your immediate needs to bring about the top-down benefit of employee satisfaction, retention and wellness.  These programs are saving corporations millions of dollars.  

Private VIP Program customized to your particular needs.  Limited to ten clients.  Three months to a year of personalized in depth care affording the most profound transformations.  Clients tend to move out of chronic illness or disease to health.  Check to see if an opening is avalable.

You can get healthy no matter what your doctor says group programs.  Here, you will get all the help and tools you need to discover the healthy, vibrant and wealthy person that you are meant to be.  For those that want to heal or be healed from whatever spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, or relational issues.  

People like you miss Clarity and Energy as you age and become ill.  You get to recapture them again here in this foundational group healing program.  Miracles happen, medical and otherwise, during this 3 month process taking you through the Scientific Healing Protocols.  Your life and health are like a garden, they need nourishment, tending to, weeding and love to keep you thriving.  Discover the minutes a day practices to keep your busy life on track and get the frequency adjustments you need from this program.

Energize ME! is the core program for the Scientific Healer’s Academy.  Miracles happen for students both to learn how to heal as well as to be healed.  The miracles show up as medical, relational, financial, mental and emotional.  It is strongly rooted in scientific evidence and principles and shows you how to create these miracles for yourself.


|            BY DR. ANASTASIA 

You might find yourself in exactly the same place I had: I woke up one day over 20 years ago to the realization that despite my best efforts, I was a sick person. I had no energy with up to two good hours a day, I had trouble keeping my weight in check, high blood pressure, a lot of body pain, I had a huge abdominal tumor, and I was constantly getting ill. During the previous six-month period, I was sick in bed more than I was up and about. While this might be something that a person who had abused their body might suffer, I had eaten healthy, run 6 miles before breakfast every day for years, and should have been by all accounts, super healthy.  If you are asking this question: “How did I get here and how can I get out of it?”, then this book is for you.  This book chronicles the 8 major causes of stress and illness, then it shows you how to move into health, energy and happiness.  Get it on Amazon now. 

In this upcoming Amazing Itty Bitty Book on the  Frequency of Prosperity, you can Invite More Abundance Into Your Life With 15 Simple Processes That Raise Your Frequency

Why does one person invite wealth into their life while another, that works just as hard, struggles?  The fundamental principles attracting wealth, health or thriving relationships are the same and energetic in nature.  In this revolutionary Itty Bitty Book, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas describes the basic energetic principles of inviting wealth, prosperity and abundance into your life and gives you practical steps to take.

Practice the simple concepts in this book and see how your life becomes more prosperous and abundant.  For example:

  • Honesty and integrity raise your frequency and invite energy to come towards you in the form of wealth.
  • Reframe “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have any money” to “that is not in my current budget” or “I don’t wish to invest in that”.
  • Pay full price for some things.  How do you expect people to pay you full price if you don’t?

Click on this link to get onto my newsletter list to let you know when it arrives.


|            BY DR. ANASTASIA 

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