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Ever since I was very young, I can remember being intensely curious about the world around me, how it worked on a very fundamental level, and what it was made of.  Whether it be other planets, human physiology or who is God.  This led to a series of parallel threads in my life including a long career as a professor/research scientist studying the nature of vibrations in matter, an in depth exploration of human health/potential/longevity, and esoterica.

Esoterica because I come from a long line of Greek ancestors with amazing “clair” skills such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.  A number of us are skilled healers, where everyone around us, both animals and humans, reach higher potentials of health and success in life than they could have even imagined themselves

I always joked that I had to be this unlikely combination because I am a descendant of Plato, Pythagorus and Hippocrates.   READ MORE

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Joyce Rosenblad, The Sacred Stylist

“I have first-hand experience with Anastasia’s amazing healing work! She removed an old emotional attachment that was holding me back in many ways and also helped diminish/manage my chronic migraines. I then met my soul mate and just got married.  You could say she healed my heart.  She is the real deal!”

Elaine Starling, Founder – Why 5% Succeed

"When I met Anastasia, she gave me one simple tip. It’s totally transformed my life already. I’ve been doing this one little exercise for just 24 hours, twice. The ideas that are now accessible to me are unbelievable. It really opened me up. I can’t wait to work with Anastasia. She’s fabulous. You have GOT to check her out.”

Alexander Boehler, Everett, WA

“Three days after being healed by Anastasia, my fibromyalgia pain of 11 years dissipated.  No doctor could help.  I haven’t needed to touch Vicodin in the 8 months since and I’m now reducing the antidepressant medication.  I’ll be off all medication shortly.  It has allowed me to live a more normal and active life.  Priceless.”

Sarah Nehamen

“Anastasia is incredible. She is a truly gifted healer with a unique approach that is grounded in clear scientific facts that are easy for anyone to understand. Since my session with her, my mind has been clear and I have felt a breath of new possibilities enter my life. I look forward to working with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity or restoration on any level.”

Dale Gibbons, Founder of Master Your Business Academy

“Thank you for your help healing my wife from her mysterious illness that the best doctors in the country couldn’t solve.” 

Eiji Morishita, Founder of Movement Makers

“Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the person I recommend to all my colleagues who need healing and traditional medicine or practices have failed. Her message needs to be heard. Anastasia has been my healer and I’ve noticed my energy and vitality significantly increase.”

Lisa Greenfield, Truth in Hand

“There a clarity, breadth and understanding in Anastasia’s work that lends itself to immediate results and continuous ongoing improvements. She cleared my stubborn lung congestion when no one else could. I give her my highest recommendation.”

Cindy Goldenberg, Medium and TV Personality

“Anastasia is THE MOST AMAZING INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALER I’ve ever met! She helped me when no one else could. Truly not of this world. Fascinating, extremely accurate & instantly uplifting, I promise– you will never feel the same again! Unblock, Clear & Attract —Go See Her!! “

Dr. Marion Mehrer, Executive Placement

“Before I started working with Anastasia, my brain was foggy, I had no energy, I couldn’t deliver speeches coherently, I was in pain, and I could barely earn money.  During the first six months I’ve been working with Anastasia, I have earned an average of $10,000 per month. I then took her course "Energize Me" and discovered how easy it was for me to maintain my own health.”

Marcia Wieder, Founder of Dream University

“Anastasia really helped me when I had a case of vertigo and could no longer function. My other healers couldn't help.  One session and the vertigo was gone!  Now, I contact her whenever I need help.  And I love when she is around, I always feel better.”


|            WITH DR. ANASTASIA 


Private VIP Program customized to your particular needs.  Limited to twelve clients.  Three months to one year of personalized in depth care affording the rapid and profound transformations to a place you've never been before.  Check to see if an opening is avalable.  Contact me to learn more.








The Scientific Healer's Certification Program  for energy practitioners to amplify and uplevel their skills for working on themselves and/or their clients.  Master emotional, mental, spiritual and physical transformation plus master building your practice or business so you can be replenished and live abundantly.  Click here to learn more!


|            BY DR. ANASTASIA 

You might find yourself in exactly the same place I had: I woke up one day over 20 years ago to the realization that despite my best efforts, I was a sick person. I had no energy with up to two good hours a day, I had trouble keeping my weight in check, high blood pressure, a lot of body pain, I had a huge abdominal tumor, and I was constantly getting ill. During the previous six-month period, I was sick in bed more than I was up and about. While this might be something that a person who had abused their body might suffer, I had eaten healthy, run 6 miles before breakfast every day for years, and should have been by all accounts, super healthy.  If you are asking this question: “How did I get here and how can I get out of it?”, then this book is for you.  This book chronicles the 8 major causes of stress and illness, then it shows you how to move into health, energy and happiness.  Get it on Amazon now. 


|            BY DR. ANASTASIA 

The Ultimate Guide to Health, Wealth and Relationships

You (and your clients) can live your best life (their best lives) EVER! Too many therapies or programs, whether energetic, spiritual, or conventional, focus on solving one specific thing.  They are too narrow and often leave big gaps in what you really need to get to...

Lessons Learned from Healing My Cat

I love my cats and we have a big herd here, inherited from various places (see above).  Cats are amazing multidimensional beings.  What that means is that they can see beyond the physical into those subtle energies that many of us are tapping into regularly but most...



The mission of Pachamama Alliance is to empower indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and, using insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world.

The Amazon is important for the Earth to thrive into the future.  The Scientific Healer strongly advocates this mission and supports with a portion of our proceeds every month.  Please support by donating here:

The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries, thereby creating a safer and more just world for everyone.  They support the education and health of almost 11 thousand children.

The Scientific Healer strongly advocates for the Unstoppable Foundation and donates a portion of our proceeds every month.  Join us in supporting education, clean water, and business development in developing countries.

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