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Scientific Healing Benefits You

I’m often asked “what is scientific healing?”  Let me ask you a question.  Have you been to a doctor or even an alternative medicine healer and had to go back year after year to stay feeling good?  I did.  I wanted to be free of the problem, not go back over and over again for drops, herbs, pills, and treatments.

The solutions I had found from conventional and even holistic medicine were only partial solutions.  I was so ill 20 years ago, I only had two good hours a day.  Nothing helped me feel 100% again.  After healing myself from this series of illnesses by learning many different healing modalities, I discovered that the energy healing I was using became amplified by use of simple vibrational physics principles learned from 40 years in research on the vibrations and energetics of materials.

These improvements are so effective that they should be taught to all students of energy healing.

These concepts are straightforward;  they allow you to take charge of your own health and help others realize theirs.  It gives you an easy to follow process that can be incorporated into anyone’s day.  It allows the problem to be solved.

Join me in a free training and healing session Wednesday October  14 at 5 PM Pacific “Energize Me!”

Your health is your wealth.  Be vibrant and active in your sixties, seventies and beyond.





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“There a clarity, breadth and understanding in Anastasia’s work that lends itself to immediate results and continuous ongoing improvements. I give her my highest recommendation.” Lisa Greenfield, Intuitive and Palm Reader

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