Your body shows how you are holding yourself back


What is your body saying to you?
Your body is continually in a conversation with you to show what you need be healthy and prosperous.

Where you send your pain and dysfunction clues you in to what you need to look at for your next steps. It starts as a whisper, then builds up to a tap on the shoulder, a shout, a bang upside the head until you are knocked over.

Keep you from getting to that point to start recognizing that illness isn’t an accident, it is a signal, a deeply embedded message from your spirit to you.

This idea isn’t new, it has been repeated by various authors and teachers. Here you’ll find some of the things that I’ve found from healing thousands of people and discovered in my own life.

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Timeline for this video
0:17 Sequence of Message Intensity
1:35 How Your Body Registers Emotions
3:30 What Does Your Body Say?
3:39 Eyes
4:39 Knees
5:58 Sexual organs
6:20 Lungs
7:00 Diabetes
8:09 Stomach
10:16 Lower Back Pain
12:52 Shoulders, Upper Back
14:20 Gout in Shoulders
15:16 Depression
17:41 Headaches

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