You are a Warbler


You are a

Warblers are a numerous and diverse group of small, active and colorful songbirds.The name “warbler” means “singing with trills, runs and quavers”. The warbler nurtures their young and others in their flock more than other spirit bird. You love to nurture people without complaining much and you are introverted.

Work On: Beneath your nurturing tendencies, there’s a resentment because you are not getting the recognition or money you think you deserve.

Your relationships may suffer because you do too much for them and it comes across as needy.

You will also do too much for too little money creating an energy imbalance. As a result this can shy prospective clients away because they “hear” they just want me for my money even if it’s not true.

Because you aren’t speaking up for yourself you’re emotional state is going in a downward spiral into frustration and disappointment. This behavior blocking you from being successful and your money channels closed.

You need to develop your ability to speak up without sounding complainy or needy.

Next Steps:

You want to stop doing too much for others so you can spira your energy upwards instead of downward.

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