You are a Parrot


You are a

The parrot species generally are curious and intelligent, and those traits often shape behavior. Fitting in with the flock, foraging for food, finding a mate and protecting his home are the essential building blocks of a wild parrot’s life.
You can hear parrots constantly chattering from miles away even when they are eating.

You are: Sociable, communicates a lot, loves to talk a lot. Connects with people easily.

Work On:

You may be more concerned with who you’re connecting with and whether it benefits you as a connection rather than helping people. You are so focused on relationship building that you let other people’s agendas guide you instead of your own.

This way of being affects your ability to be successful and is blocking your money channel.

Prospective clients will shy away because they won’t feel important to you. You might relate to this feeling because you have experienced it yourself. Need to let go of the old hurts to allow this positivity in connection to shine through.

Your Next Steps

You tend to lose focus on your personal goals because you are so busy being social.

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