What are YOU worth? Language and Business 101 for Healers

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Moving from education and research into healing has been quite a journey.   My goal was to be a full time healer, mainly because I can help more people, and what could be better than being able to support myself while helping other people.  You know, like doctors, therapists, nutritionists, etc.  We’re out there helping people.  While being in the practical world of numbers, data crunching, computing, experiments, lasers, spectra, and instruments, AND getting paid for it, you don’t think about how you are going to let people know that you are ready to help them and somehow transmit the message that you can.


That’s where the non-sexy side of healing people comes in, the side of business plans, advertising, social media, networking meetings, conferences, learning, writing a book, websites, and all that comes with actually running a business.  It’s an education and you can’t really get away without the basics.

Well, you can, but you won’t do you or the world a favor.   You’ll be in constant needy mode, which means that you won’t be thinking of healing as much as you’ll be thinking about how to pay the bills, even though you’ve cut all expenses down drastically.

Here are your choices: 1.  You can be one of the poor healers, chiropractors and therapists or 2. you can learn how to run a business.

Research and teaching is different than running a business.  When I was younger and I watched several members of my family do just that, my grandparents, my mom, my siblings, and my uncle.  I was a little repelled by it (but also intrigued, kind of a like watching something you don’t like watching but can’t stop.  You’ve been there, right?).

When I was a student at UCLA, I would walk around campus near the business school or law school (they’re next door), I would hightail it back down to south campus where science and engineering was happening.  That’s where I was comfortable and happy.  I could use logic and analysis to answer questions, not emotions, like how buying decisions are made.

Now that I’ve made the leap into the world of running a business, I can’t say it is a happy place, but being who I am, I step back and look at the big picture.

Who can I help today, what can I change today, who can I talk to today to make a difference?  Whose spirits can I raise, who needs hope, a good laugh or to get well?


That’s what drives me.

I have spoken to a lot of healers.  I enjoy my conversations with them.  They are here to change the paradigm of health care, as I am.  They want people to realize how miraculous they all are, how amazing.

The skills on these wonderful people are outrageous, they see the flow of energy, they see what’s off without an x-ray machine or a blood test, they hear what’s needed, they do what’s necessary.  They will often do it without asking for money because there is a joy in it, they unplug from their ego and go into service mode.  I know these experiences well.

I’ve said that to say this: you’ll hear over and over again as you start your business, get paid what you’re worth.  This is NEVER going to happen.


Healing: Reprogram Your DNA to Remove Inevitability Belief

Language is funny.  It evolves in such a way that we understand what someone means when they say it like that.  Get paid what you’re worth.  But the subconscious hears it differently.  It hears, you are worth only so much.  It is no wonder that people feel inadequate, have low self esteem, are stuck in the feeling of not being enough, even these wonderful healers that are driven by selflessness.

I want you all to realize that you are all walking miracles and you are priceless masterpieces created by the divine.  When someone tells you you should get paid what you’re worth, your answer will now be: “No one can pay that.  I’m priceless!”

When you’re ready to take your healing business to the next level so you can help more people but without sacrificing your principles and joy, connect with me.





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