Why You Need Permission to Heal


In this short video, you’ll discover when you need to get permission to heal, why you need permission, and when it is okay to not get permission.

Often there are consequences to not getting express permission, which can be as easy as saying, “I’m helping you right now, okay?” The consequences include taking on someone else’s life task, it backfiring on the healer and leaving the healer drained, sick or tired.

These are experiences gained from running thousands of healing sessions, both in groups and individually. You can learn this and more in my current healing program designed first as teaching you the self care and daily energy maintenance, which over the long term is utterly transformative.

I’m looking for up to 12 people to join in the next round which starts in July. Are you one of the twelve? Open enrollment happens every 4 months. Go to https://scientifichealer.com/energizeme to discover a bit more about what’s in store. Then connect with me at the appointment link below. When you are ready to speak with me, schedule an appointment with me at https://scientifichealer.com/appointment or contact me at https://scientifichealer.com/contact





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