Why successful people thrive: they develop habits that become rituals to get their day going right

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Rituals are ways to circumvent decision making for doing the steps to making you feel better, more productive and creative. https://www.scientifichealersuniversity.com/download-your-travel-tips

What is the purpose of rituals and how far back do they go?

Rituals go back to ancient human history. Many of these have transcended culture and religion. The purposes of habits and ritual include having a reminder of what you are doing, the symbolic connection and develop an automatic way to remember it. No energy depleting decision making is required. This is what morning rituals do for you.

One of these is the use of a cake of sorts (called koliva) in memorial services, a tradition that goes back more than 5000 years, well beyond the beginnings of Christianity. In fact, it goes back to the Gods and Goddesses of Greece.

This content starts at 1:54 and finishes at 5:12, but it is an amazing part of our Greek Orthodox ritualistic history. It is used today in modern services: this is an image taken a year ago from a service for my mom and grandmother, showing the koliva that I describe in this broadcast.

This koliva on the table is made of wheat, sesame seeds, almonds, ground walnuts, cinnamon, sugar, pomegranate seeds, raisins, anise and parsley. Each ingredient has a special meaning associating with Demeter, the sweetness of life, and everlasting life.

How do rituals start?

Rituals develop by first starting a procedure, then it becomes a habit, until it becomes a necessary part of your life. Later in the broadcast, you hear about some of the different practices and some of the things I do to get my day going. These include getting up with a thought of gratitude, breathing deeply, exercise, and a healthy breakfast.

Some of these rituals are also part of my travel itinerary that you can read about when you download my 18 travel tips. Most highly productive and successful humans, whether entrepreneur, executive or academic have morning rituals that get them on the right track every morning. Millionaires and billionaires count amongst these.

The results of having a set of morning habits include mental clarity, productivity, and preservation of your energy from decision making. Once you get one set of rituals done, it brings you a feeling of accomplishment that breeds more accomplishment.

And think about what rituals you might start to get your day going right One of these include travel tips that have developed into rituals for me: https://www.scientifichealersuniversity.com/download-your-travel-tips

Timeline of broadcast:

0:39 Successful People Morning Rituals

1:53 5000 year old Greek ritual, some amazing history

5:12 The purpose of morning ritual

6:37 The energy saving purpose of ritual

8:50 Some suggestions for ritual actions

11:30 Result: Energy, clear mind, heightened creativity

12:18 Some travel tips https://www.scientifichealersuniversity.com/

13:42 Integrity with yourself improves energy

14:48 What rituals might you start?

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