What Deeply Intuitive People Do Differently: Develop Your Intuition


There are posts and discussions online and otherwise about intuitive people, as opposed to those that aren’t.   In some discussions, it almost sounds like a contest, with “non-intuitive” types criticizing “intuitive” types and vice versa.  This makes no sense to me whatsoever as there is no such thing as someone without intuition or the  opposing trait, observing or sensing the surroundings and having their actions dictated by that.  It is all a matter of degree.

Being in the here and now is just as important as being intuitive, trusting that internal voice tells you what helps you and what doesn’t.   It is not a matter of being intuitive or not, it is a matter of degree.  You all are intuitive to a degree. Seriously.

Developing or strengthening intuition is paramount when it comes to moving into a healthy, prosperous, and satisfying life.  Let’s see what the difference between a person that operates from being observant to one that is intuitive.


Meditation and Breathing to Focus on Here and Now

What is the difference between an observant person versus an intuitive?

For example, when coming to a street corner, it’s important to an intuitive to see the flow of cars and figure out when crossing is the right time, gauging the flow, and figuring out the gap.  An observant person would see what make and model of car it is, who is driving it, as well as figuring out the safest time to cross.  It is uninteresting to know the type of car to an intuitive although when choosing to put on your observant hat, it would be easy to pick it out.

An intuitive watching a movie would notice the nuances of the flow between people, the dialog is less important as the energy flow between the people, the energy of the words, and the effect it has on you emotionally.  An intuitive person would figure out the ending way ahead of an observant person.  An observant person would be less interested in the emotion as the action, the dialog, what is in the image, and who played the scenes, as in which actors.

An intuitive takes time for solitude while an observant can fill the calendar completely.

Steps to Developing YOUR Intuition

It’s important to wear different hats at different times.  You all have your natural states, whether intuitive or observant.  Developing intuition really helps you make decisions moving forward that are congruent with your energy.  Here are three simple steps you can take to develop your intuition further, by getting into solitude and clearing your mind.  It’s just like developing a new muscle:

1.  Get still every day, whether you meditate or not.  Straighten spine.  Deep breathing, counting 6 seconds to a full inhale, hold for 3 seconds, 6 seconds exhale, and 3 seconds holding.  Imagine you are filling yourself starting at the based of your torso and moving up until you’re full at your neck.  Hold. Release in the opposite direction.  Do this 2 or 3 times every hour or two.  It’s brief, it lowers blood pressure, it brings you to the present moment and clears your mind.  Clearing your mind is the fastest way to let your intuition play a bigger role in your life.

2.  Develop a success routine in the morning, including some deep breathing, cutting cords, and some exercise, stretching, and having a healthful breakfast.  Go to bed early enough to get plenty of good sleep.  Scientific studies have shown the best rest is obtained before midnight, many say ten pm is the best time to hit the sack.

3.  Do some imagery and writing.  Imagery can include imagining yourself at the beach or the top of a mountain with no one around.  Then ask yourself, what is it you want.  Write it down.  Let the pen flow.  Intuition is a matter of subconscious or unconscious reasoning.

Last, it is important to know that no matter where you are operating from, intuitive or observant, your subconscious (read intuition here) can be accessed readily and easily.  You all have this ability because when something is congruent with the body, you are strong.  And when not, you go weak.  You may have heard of muscle testing.  Watch my demonstration of it here and try it out for yourself.

Intuition is a voyage of self discovery as well as being more emotionally connected to your environment, other people and yourself.  It helps lead you into a more aligned life, one that your soul or spirit wants, not what other people are asking you to do. In other words, you are more YOU: happier, healthier and more successful.

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