The Diamond Method Intro Courses:

These courses are to be taught in person.

Level 1: Fundamentals: Learn how to heal yourself and others.

-Fundamental healing skills for beginners.

-Includes basic tune ups and healing, clearing negative energy out of your body, clearing old karma out, how to maintain your healing.  No prerequisites

Level 2: Intermediate techniques:

This course consists of more advanced techniques including boosting up cells, glands, organs and systems. Prerequisite:  level 1.

Date and location TBA

The following courses are independent and may be taken in any order.

Faulty Beliefs: How They Affect Your Health

How the body follows the mind
Faulty concepts that lock us into faulty health patterns
Family patterns that lock us into health patterns
DNA stores information beyond physical characteristics.  Find out what that is.
Removal of faulty programming through the Diamond Healing Method.
Relationships: How They Help or Hurt Your Health:

-Emotionally charged (negatively) relationships can keep you stuck and in pain
-Faulty relationship with money or wealth can keep you financially distressed and even
-How gratitude brings abundance in all areas of life.
Healing relationships to wealth, health, and people.
No prerequisites


The Spiritual Body: Its Effect on Emotional, Mental and Physical Health.

-Components of the spiritual body including the energy channels of the body, which brings healing energy into the body from the environment.
-Aligning the spiritual body:  ADHD, grief, autism, PTSD.
-How to keep the spiritual body fresh and clear.
-Clearing the spiritual body using the Diamond healing method.
-No prerequisites