Four Keys to Being a Successful Entrepreneur as an Empath or Intuitive

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In this video, you’ll hear about four traits that extremely diverse business owners have in common that helps them become successful.  Their path to success has little to do with strategies and tactics.  It has more to do with the people they’re being and in many ways, they are healing their clients, patients or customers.
What does an Uber driver, bar owner, makeup artist and a physical therapist have in common?  Listen in as I describe their businesses and how they became successful.  You have to have a level of mastery in your craft, no matter what you do.  But there are a lot of people that know their craft well but struggle in their business.  In the cases of these four business owners, it wasn’t hustle, knowledge, or shiny objects with lots of promise but little oomph that helped create their success.
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In all cases, these business owners made their clients happy, made them feel important, cared for, and listened to.  The keys that these particular business owners had were
1.  Empathy,
2. Cared about the well-being of who they were serving more than what they would earn from them,
3. Used their intuition to connect with them and
4. Offered them unconditional love.
This kept them coming back over and over, sent referrals, and recommendations which multiplied the results over and over.   Phil, the bar owner of King’s Head, became a multi-millionaire in a short amount of time after emigrating from England.
If you say that you’re neither intuitive or empathic, these are skills that can improve dramatically with practice.
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