11 Spiritual and Energetic Benefits of Exercise

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Today, you’ll hear about 11 energetic and even spiritual benefits of exercise. Normally, you think of exercise as something you do to increase your calorie consumption or to get into better shape. Exercise does so much more.

I have often mentioned the eight well researched (at top universities) factors for your health, vibrancy, happiness and even wealth. You can find a longer article on this topic at https://scientifichealer.com/ultimate.

Even though exercise technically fits at the very last position of taking good care of your physical body, something magical happens when you undertake physical exercise. I was thinking about these things when I was out getting my regular morning exercise at how many ways it has benefitted me and even ways I didn’t realize until I read about it.

Mood and Mental Health Improves with Exercise

For example, your mental health/mood improves with regular exercise. Forty years ago, I read that some mental health workers would hold sessions with their depressed patients while out walking. This is borne out by the fact that the body produces endorphins, akin to opiates but not addicting. Isn’t it great you can produce your own feel good drugs. Yes, you have to work a little bit for it.

Other important benefits include improved brain and cognitive functions, delay of dementia onset, staying younger looking and feeling, improved concentration, creativity and focus, better job performance, more energy, and keeping many diseases at bay including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Listen in to hear more.  For the timeline of video, see below:

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Time Line of Video

0:49 1. Mood Elevator
1:56 2. Improved Memory and Brain Health
2:48 3. Looking Younger
4:06 4. Spiritual Connection Through Mediation
4:54 5. Better Emotional Connection With Oneself/Others
5:10 6. Detoxification – Sweating and Activation of Lymph
6:18 7. Healthier sexuality
7:10 8. Increased productivity, focus and creativity
8:58 9. Increased energy and stamina
9:30 10. Fulfilling Career
10:09 11. Financial Success
11:57 Why you feel so good on exercise
12:30 How much exercise?
14:50 Caution: Check with your doctor!
15:15 The importance of young looking skin (it’s not vanity)
16:00 Quick summary

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