The science of affirmations, making them work for you


Today you’ll discover the science of affirmations and ways you can make them work more effectively and powerfully for you. You’ll hear about the interplay between the conscious mind and the subconscious. Understanding this helps you write affirmations that work.

You’ll hear how the statements need to be written in the positive and why, how you can circumvent the conscious mind to penetrate into the subconscious which is where the affirmations need to work. You’ll also hear what not to say to stop yourself from driving unwanted behavior into your body.

This is a small lesson in the unit on mental/emotional reprogramming in the Scientific Healer’s Certification Program, which can accelerate the desirable changes you seek for yourself and your family.

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0:50 What is the function of the subconscious?
1:54 What is the function of the conscious mind?
2:57 Making your affirmations believable
4:03 Financial improvement
5:29 Super tip to make any affirmation work
6:38 A second reason affirmations might not work
8:27 Circumventing the “no” problem
9:23 Importance of releasing low energy emotions
14:00 2 bonus tips on improving the effectiveness of your affirmations





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