Thermo of Minerals Table

Table 1 summarizes much of the available data for relevant phases with filled circles showing well-known values, half filled for those needing more work but partially known and empty circles for those with no information. Columns E, F, and H are for high-pressure properties. This is provided for reference.  The most recent papers quoted in this table are 2003.  Much more work has been done in the last ten years on Thermal Equations of State, so the state of the high temperature high pressure densities are better known.  High temperature Raman is still in its infancy, but with the development of commercial diamond cells that can operate in the temperature ranges between ambient and 1000 C, there will be an explosion of data in this area as well. E.g., 29,30 The key is at the base of the table.


Table 1. Recent State of Thermophysical Data for Important Phases

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