Ten Physical and Emotional Symptoms of the Awakening Process and 5 Steps to Get Relief


Here you’ll discover what many of the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening are and even what you might be thinking during this process. You’ll hear about what awakening means and even why it can become very uncomfortable and confusing for you as you go through the changes. Find out if you are one of those that are affected and what you can do about it to get relief. You are not alone. There are thousands like you going through this process and you can feel better almost immediately without isolating yourself and becoming a hermit. You can download the free audios at https://scientifichealer.com (wake up your brain) and https://scientifichealer.com/blog/ (powerful healing audio).

How to Get Relief From the Symptoms of Awakening: Video and Timeline

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The timeline on this video is as follows:
1:16 What is Awakening
2:11 Physical Symptoms
2:21 Senses Heightened
3:31 Changes in taste
4:04 Dysfunction hard to tolerate
4:19 Develop new food intolerances
4:33 Weight changes, up or down
5:03 Getting dizzy
5:18 Alternating high and low energy
5:28 Clumsiness
What you think
6:18 Life is off somehow
6:38 Feeling alone.
8:00 Relief from symptoms
8:11 Letting go
9:02 Breathe, getting into the moment with exercise.
10:54 Salt bath, shower
11:43 Crystals
12:43 Essential Oils
12:59 Go into nature
13:20 Guided meditation
14:00 Free downloads






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