The most common emotion that can hold you back and how to release emotional pain and trauma quickly


Releasing emotional pain and trauma is one of the fastest energy healing processes available to us. Emotions that get triggered over a similar event that happened to you in the past are one of the main reasons you hold yourself back from achieving those big goals and dreams.

If you were to ask the average person on the street, “what is the emotion that holds you back?” you would probably hear “fear” most often. Everyone has fear, we were designed that way. Ask yourself this: What is it that makes one person successful at something, despite their fears, and another not able to move forward?

After doing thousands of readings on people from all walks of life, there is a common thread that I’ve found in virtually all of them.

It trumps fear (and insecurity, and unworthiness, other common debilitating emotions). Listen in to hear the surprising answer (I’m just as surprised) and what you can do to release it to be able to move forward more easily. Hint: mules are well known for it.

You will hear about how these emotional triggers got started (focus on the “no” you tell yourself at times to understand it). And you’ll hear three fast techniques for releasing them, no matter what they are. These are things anyone can do.

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