Dr. Tedd Koren talks about how he developed his Koren Specific Technique or KST for rapid trauma release.  It’s a personal story of him being in pain for ten years and unable to help others because his hands were in so much pain after a car accident.

After he developed this technique (in order to heal himself), he started asking the people with the most stubborn of pains to try it out and it instantly resolved theirs as well.  The surprising revelation during this ask was that chiropractors were in a great deal more pain than their clients and it was them lining up out the door to get help from Dr. Tedd’s marvelous technique.

I too benefitted from meeting Dr. Tedd.  I had suffered terrible migraines off and on for a period of over ten years.  His Koren Specific Technique, a style of energy medicine, released the head trauma I had suffered earlier in life and the headaches have since vanished.

Release your own inner healer

Just like anyone can learn the energy healing processes that I teach, you can also learn Dr. Tedd’s Koren Specific Technique.  You can either attend one of his seminars or do the online learning.  In our conversation, Dr. Tedd alludes to tapping into the information field.  The information field is experienced by everyone bar none.  It’s that still small voice you hear inside you, your intuition, your knowing what the right thing to do is.  This is why we are all healers and you can become your own (recommended first) and then help others, if you so wish.

Dr. Tedd has just released a new book called “Cancer is Natural, So Is The Cure”, which you can find on his website http://korenwellness.com or http://korenpublications.com.  Be sure to seek Dr. Tedd Koren out when you’ve tried everything but your solutions are temporary.   They are truly miraculous.

Listen to his other interview on Healing Cancer Naturally at http://scientifichealer.com/radio/drtedd/

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