Tessa AlburnAs a healer, mentor, and certified life coach, Tessa Alburn brings the riches of her many life experiences with her as she guides women to powerful levels of personal freedom, balance and emotional clarity. She has both a broad educational background and successful careers in healing, training, and in the arts.

She also assists women entrepreneurs and healers to greater business success through content and virtual program development. Incorporating hard-earned emotional intelligence skills, her highly developed intuitive gifts, coaching, leadership, and her knowledge of innate healing systems, she assists women in achieving loving, balanced lives again.

Tessa’s experience

Tessa served as a Director and Facilitator-Trainer with one of the world’s top organizations in personal development for nearly a decade. She has trained hundreds of individuals to a place of greater awareness, inner healing, and enhanced leadership abilities. Additionally, through her course and content design and management, she has contributed to the lives of several thousand others.

Tessa applies her knowledge of ritual and sacred ceremony to all of her work. Her clients come away with

  • enlightened perspectives on their own lives,
  • enhanced understanding of the world around them,
  • and the ability to make powerful choices in the world instead of giving up, or putting others first all the time.

Through a journey with Tessa, women reclaim or find for the first time, feelings of strength, hope and empowered action.

Initiated at an early age through her own near-death experience, Tessa works with her spiritual team to embrace others as they transition to new ways of being. Her own personal journey included struggles with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and physical pain and weakness.  Now she knows how to guide others through the same metamorphosis, into a sense of self-appreciation and recognition of the real possibilities that lie waiting in the world.

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