Lea Bayles, like many people who have felt called to help others recover from the incurable, suffered her own night of the dark soul.  This then woke her up to the extraordinary power of healing within and led her to a 20-year career in holistic wellness.

Lea blends a masters in psychology with extensive experience in education, spirituality, theater, energy medicine, mind-body healing, yoga, Chi Kung and expressive arts.   Like many of us in the healing space, she’s mastered a number of highly effective skills.

She is so passionate about spreading the word that she hosts the We Are More Radio Show,  and has various other interview series, meditations, wellness curricula, and written articles and the book Take Back Your Life: Moving from Chronic Pain to Lifelong Healing.

Lea offers group and vip mentoring and select keynotes to lead those out of pain to thriving.

To get her free gift of 7 Steps to Transforming Stress to Soul Satisfying Success, go to http://leabayles.com

To listen in, click below:

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