In this program, I go over my top strategy for success in any endeavor especially as an entrepreneur or business owner. You will also hear how you can implement it to suit your personality, especially if you are intuitive, empathic or an introvert. Here’s what inspired me to share this idea.

Over the weekend, I gave a 1 minute and 20 second speech to a room of 200 people. You might think that’s easy. You say to yourself, “what, it’s only a minute?!”

But here is the tough part. It was to convince 40 high level podcasters to book me on their show. So, each word had to count, it had to intrigue them, and the aim was to attract the business world and business podcasters.

In crafting this speech, which took several hours, there had to be elements from my past that would be really exciting for them to hear. I wanted to introduce the results that so many business people that work with me experience, that is, rapid success in their businesses. It’s not just about the healing. While writing this speech over and over (and repeating it at least 30 times), I realized I had four extremely diverse careers. I started out in private industry, spent 5 years rocketing up the ladder as a manager. Then pure research, then as a professor and now as my own boss, all rapidly successful.

Success the Easy Way

I’m getting to the point now, I promise. What someone asked me at the end of the event (in a very surprised tone I might add), put into words exactly my strategy. It isn’t about vision boards. Listen in to hear this strategy and the follow up that must occur for success to follow.

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Listen to the show:

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