Mellissa Seaman is a recovering attorney. Really. Seriously. She’s a hard-core Stanford-educated attorney but it’s a far cry from what she does now.

Now, she’s a professional intuitive, oracle and business strategist. Her clients range from Fortune 100 executives to inspired women leaders from all walks of life. She can help you find your Soul’s Genius so you can move from effort to flow. Melissa says that genius is a process, not a destination.

By learning how to tap into your genius, you can create “Aha” moments at will. When you are in that state of your genius, you can create prolifically because you are creating according to your natural design, bringing everything into a state of ease instead of struggle. She has helped thousands of people around the world to discover their deepest gifts. Furthermore, her Soul Gift Business School guides you step-by-step to bring your gifts to the world. At the end of this interview, Melissa will tell you how to find your Soul Gift for free with her unique process and what it could mean for you. Listen in as Melissa tells her story of how she went from attorney to professional intuitive. You might find that you are also one of those that awakened to some amazing gifts from one day to the next.

During this episode, hear Mellissa describe the different Soul Gifts and how they differ and operate and how that can make a huge difference for you in how you conduct your life. For you to connect with Mellissa, go to and to take her Soul Gift Quiz, go to

To discover more about Scientific Healing, go to or to speak with me, go to

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