Shanthi Yogini is a yoga master trainer but not your usual yoga instructor, who mainly focus on the exercise. She helps train spiritual seekers and visionary leaders to develop to their highest potential as the amazing spiritual leaders they are meant to be. Shanthi says that yoga means “union.” Find out what that means for you in today’s broadcast.

In addition, she shares her 2-min yoga practices to help transform you on all levels to improve your mental, emotional and physical health. She is a delightful speaker bringing a new view to a popular and helpful practice to get the energy moving along your meridians in the body.

Shanthi is the founder of Yoga for Happiness Academy, where Yoga is learned as a science in its authentic, pristine and purest form in-person, online and via digital media. We normally think of yoga as something offered in the gym, but Shanthi really opened my eyes as to how much more it is.

You can find more about her wonderful practices at

To watch the interview, click below.

To listen to the interview, click below.

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