Today’s broadcast is a deeper dive into the science of energy healing. You’ll hear about the causes of internal conflict or stresses and how that plays out in the body. There’s a large body of scientific evidence that supports these assertions and there are ongoing research breakthroughs every day. What you’ll hear here is the practical ways of thinking about it.

You’ll hear answers to questions on energy healing like, “Why doesn’t doing affirmations and creating vision boards always work?”; “Why is there no such thing as negative emotions and negative energy?”; ” How does having more than than one set of emotions running through your body affect your overall health and frequency?”; And, “Why doing the same protocols on everyone improves whatever ails them, whether it’s their kidney disease, dementia or cancer?” to name a few.

What’s the energy healing solution to these issues?

In the latter half of the program, you’ll hear what you can do about it right now to get onto the right track. These include simple energy healing tactics that have a large impact, no matter how small the act.  It can be as simple as sitting up straight and taking a deep breath or some common energy clearing of your rooms like smudging or putting live plants n your house.

There are two ways in which I heal and work with people: one is to empower you to do your own energy healing, whether this is what you want to do as an entrepreneur or coach or just to improve yourself and your loved ones.  The other is where I do the heavy lifting and work with you one to one as a VIP client.  I am limited to 10 total VIP clients so I give you my best.  The links mentioned in the program include (course work) and (individually)

Please connect with me at or to talk over your options for making your next quantum leap in your life.

Listen to the show:

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