One of the most powerful lessons in transformation is self-love.   Many of us have been taught that this is narcissistic, selfish, or egotistical.  Despite the negative press, making this breakthrough is very important for your long lasting mental, emotional, and physical health. 

In this episode, Joie Cheng tells her very personal story of using self-love to heal herself from trauma.  Up to the age of 31, she had a series of traumatic incidents that left her more or less in a state of PTSD, i.e., depressed and suicidal.  These are things that people sometimes never recover from. 

Joie tried conventional therapy and discovered that she too wanted to help depressed and even other suicidal people thrive again.  But that’s not the end of the story. 

Joie Becomes a Massive Advocate for Healing with Self-Love

She earned two different degrees in counseling, became a certified coach, a yoga teacher,  and then went on to speak and write about her journey so she could help others.  She became the best selling author of The Naked Truth: A Woman’s Journey to Self-Love about her personal journey of healing herself naturally from deep depression and suicidal thoughts through self-love.

She is now in the position to help individuals heal first by writing their stories and then inspire more people.  She believes that when we share our stories we heal ourselves and we heal the world.  Joie is a Patrick Snow certified publishing coach, author, speaker, mentor, healer, circle facilitator, and a trained yoga teacher. Find out more on

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