Today’s topic is again about the quantum field, what is it, how to reach it and what is really meant when people talk about it.

There are also in depth explanations about wave particle duality of light and matter, relativity, the information dimension, how to reach it and what you need to access it and why.

You will hear me and my cohost Gwen Lepard explain exactly about how to imagine the quantum world and how it pertains to you.
So many people are enamored of the word quantum but what they really are referring to in science is the bizarre behavior of matter when it gets down to the atomic and subatomic dimensions.

If you were to see it as full blown in our macro world, it would mean if a tiger ran between some trees, you would see ten tigers running out of the forest. Why? The trees would act as slits and the tiger would diffract. That’s how weird the quantum world is.

Listen in as Gwen and I describe these phenomena and what they mean for you in the simplest way possible. You will even see that there’s an app called n-track tuner for your smart phone or tablet that shows we know how to get from our four dimensional timed space to information known as a Fourier transform.

Hear about these and other stranger than fiction behaviors and how that relates to healing and how you can access all this information yourself.

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