One of the fastest ways to draw people in and get interested in what you have to offer is to speak. My next guest, Heather Poduska, is a very powerful speaker and an expert at getting you to show up as your best and most authentic self.

I met beautiful Heather at Harvard and she did a strategy session on my talk and offered me some of the best advice I’ve received even though I paid thousands of dollars to other coaches.

She has 20 years of performance experience. Let’s face it, interesting speaking is always entertaining. Heather was on stage as an operatic soprano, and as a speaker and host of her popular podcast and television show called

She combines her performance skills with her expertise as a personal brand strategist, image consultant and business coach to teach driven entrepreneurs how to become highly profitable, dynamic presenters and rise to celebrity status in their industry.

Like her clients, Heather can help you appear on national platforms and make thousands of dollars speaking live and in front of the camera.

What I love about Heather is that her greatest love and desire is helping entrepreneurs, including healers and coaches, get to the core of who they want be and giving them the tools to express themselves powerfully and authentically.

In today’s show you will discover what you can do to become a more powerful speaker on several levels including: (1) image, (2) stage presence, (3) performance, (4) what you say and (5) how you can reach your audience authentically.

To get Heather’s free 7 day program on getting started with becoming a powerful, profitable speaker, go to

To find out more about my brand new certification program, go to or connect with me directly at to speak with me or to write me.

Listen to the show:

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