What’s in a name? What the letters in your first middle and last name say about your energy and character.

Sharon Lynn Wyeth, has spent 15 years developing a science of what names mean. When I heard this, it got my attention because I also heard that companies hired her to help them select the best candidates for their open positions; lawyers consult for getting advice on presenting their cases to judges and families on how to better communicate with one another.

She has been refining this science for a total of 32 years. She can determine one’s strengths, challenges and the purpose of one’s life by looking at the placement of the letters in your first, middle and last names.

Has that piqued your interest? It has mine. It seems there are no accidents and I believe we pick our own names and in my case, I picked the names of my children before I was born. My daughter knew what her child’s name was going to be 10 years before he was born. I’ll bet Sharon has something to say about that…

Sharon started out as a teacher with a background in math, which more or less prepared her to reveal this interesting connection between letters or words and someone’s purpose and qualities.

You can get the first chapter of her book Know the Name, Know the Person at First chapter of bestselling book, “Know the Name; Know the Person” Go to http://www.knowthename.com/first-chapter

You can find out more about Sharon at http://www.knowthename.com

Watch her interview here:

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