Nancy Martin, an abuse prevention expert, women’s empowerment coach and professional dancer with over 20 years of performance experience introduces her fabulous abuse prevention process to you in this weeks show on Scientific Healing Radio.

Her mission is to reach as many women and girls as possible before they become victims of abuse so they can build a light, happy future.

Nancy Martin is a renowned speaker, facilitator, best-selling author of “Dance Your Way to an Empowered Self”, and the creator of “Back Off” – a proprietary method of teaching women and girls how to embody confidence so they can repel potential abusers and claim their own authentic voice.

In her work, she uses a specialized combination of dance, movement, and intensive coaching to show her clients how to use their bodies powerfully and make the changes needed to repel aggressors and build core confidence.

As a result, they experience a quick, dramatic change in self-assurance that effects their entire being, including making strong choices.

What makes Nancy’s approach different from other abuse prevention programs is her focus on one’s self through lightness and joy, rather than trying to change the other through resentment and anger because she believes true power comes from within.

Listen in to Nancy Martin to hear tips for gaining confidence and feeling empowered without resorting to anger and resentment. To learn more, go to and also get your free gift.

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Listen to the show:

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