Linda CrawfordLinda is an Author, Speaker, Nutritionist, Executive Health Coach & Marketing Strategist. Her purpose after working 25 years in corporate America with executives & small business owners is to realize the connection between eating healthy, living an active lifestyle & how it directly impacts your energy level, mental clarity & business bottom line. She has developed a 3 day program that naturally cleanses the body of residue from years of medications, supplements and (GMO) processed foods by now eating “clean foods”. This also allows your body to lose the excess weight tied to the toxin buildup in your system. For more details, please refer to her recent co-authored book: “Pure Genius: Simple Solutions that Work”.

She has co- authored her second #1 best seller on Amazon: “Succeeding Against All Odds”, released in August. This book describes her challenges and victories working in corporate in a male dominated industry for 25 years. This lead to her transformation from corporate sales to coaching and consulting with busy executives and business owners on her program: How to “Nourish to Flourish in Your Health & Business.” She now consults others business owners through this successful program.

You can find out more about Linda’s programs at and You may contact Linda at: [email protected] or (714) 593-6107.

For those of you ready to talk to me about bringing success into your life the easy way, go to to send me a note or to when you’re ready to take action.

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