Are you still getting sick and not feeling well even though you are doing all the RIGHT things? You eat well, exercise, sleep right, drink your water, and so on?

This isn’t a guarantee to wellness but it is foundational. But despite doing all this, you can be constantly getting colds, be sick all the time, or worse get a big disease that really curtails your lifestyle.

Do we never get sick again? Unlikely. But recovery is faster and the problems are rare.

Listen in to the conversation between Dr. Anastasia and guest host Gwen Lepard as they explore their experiences as well as those of their thousands of clients.

The crux of it is that you adapt the attitudes of the people around you and carry on with it in yourself. Anger, frustration, and resentment. But you don’t even realize you’re doing it.

Discover how you can start taking great care of yourself without spending much more time than you already do. In fact, you might find you spend less time. Find out the first steps to take without being overwhelmed.

In fact, these first steps can be some of the most powerful and effective. Don’t let their simplicity fool you.

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