In this show, you’ll hear how you can systematize and organize your home and business to save you time, money, and your personal energy to free you up to a less stressful life.

My guest, Karen Fritz author of bestseller “Purposetivity: The Feminine Face of Productivity,” has a superpower to see patterns in chaos. She’s a master at taking an ecosystem view to maximize your ROI (return on investment). She applies big concepts in actionable steps and systems to get busy coaches and creatives out of overwhelm and into sustainable success.

Her fascinating exuberance about integrating diverse fields – tech and psych; quantum physics and cultural anthropology; motorcycles and motherhood – brings ancient wisdom to post-modern business.

Connecting with Karen to systematize your business to free your time

Karen takes a stand for transforming the fabric of our economic society through business as a force for good at the solo/service level through sustainable integration of strategy, systems, and self evolution.

Karen “graduated” from corporate management decades ago, and has learned what it takes to smoothly run successful 7-figure entrepreneurial ventures while being hired to teach on 5 continents.

To connect with her and download her free gift, 8 ten minute projects for freeing up more of your time and getting your life and business systematized, go to

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