Karen Brown uses her seven keys to success in every aspect of her life. She is an unconscious mind expert on leadership and professional performance. As you hear about her activities, she is a highly motivated, goal oriented high achiever. She is a true superwoman

Karen is an ultra performance athlete competing in some of the toughest endurance competitions as well as a successful corporate executive. Her current activities include certified executive coach, keynote speaker, and best selling author. As you can see, Karen does everything with the same ferocity and excellence. Success leaves lots of clues and Karen has lived it, no matter what part of her life she wants to master.

Discover more about Karen Brown’s keys to success

She has written a book on Unlimiting Your Beliefs, 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life, which outlines the seven scientifically proven keys to higher success as told through the story of competing in the Ironman competition, with the mental work and prep leading up to it.

You might be wondering how this relates to energy healing but it has everything to do with moving energy. A limit is an illusion and it creates a seemingly impossible barrier. Energy healing can help unblock those beliefs. If you as a healer or coach are limited, you cannot help others transform as profoundly.

I love that Karen is one of those people that has shattered her own limitations of what was possible for her. Her “Seven Keys To Success” are as follows:
Dream your dream, un-limit your beliefs, “no” discipline, do whatever it takes, your schedule is equal to your goal, hire a coach, celebrate and dream again.

Listen to how Karen describes these things in details to make them more tangible and doable for you and why you need to do each of these steps for success.

You can reach Karen at velocityleadershipconsulting.com or call her at 1-800-217-0017 if you have any burning questions you need answered quickly.

Karen’s gift to you, my listeners, is a download a playlist of short instructions on how to implement the seven keys to success: To download, go to velocityleadershipconsulting.com/scientifichealer

Other links mentioned in this episode are
http://scientifichealer.com/energizeme to discover more about my certification program.
And http://scientifichealer.com/action to download the guide to finding your next move to elevate you in your life or business.

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