As a highly sensitive person, you’ve heard these words, I am sure: “you are too sensitive,” “stop crying and get busy,” or “hold it together already”. 

Debbie Lynn Grace describes the empathic or intuitive or the highly sensitive person as someone who does not have a built in buffer to withstand the normal outside energies that we all experience. 

While the scientific definition of the Highly Sensitive Person is more complex, her definition is simple: you could be sensitive to sound, light, criticism, angry people and other such things that most people seem to ignore as if they weren’t there.  

Help is on the way for the Highly Sensitive Person

If this describes you, then listen in: Debbie Lynn Grace helps people like us.  In this insightful interview, Debbie delivers tips and strategies for highly sensitive people to be able to navigate a world full of those that aren’t.  The usual coping strategies of withdrawal and isolation don’t work.  In fact, they backfire on you.  

Debbie has helped thousands of you successful navigate the world and become successful.  To connect with her, go to

You can download her free gift “How To Tap Into The Gold Mine Of Your Prosperity” by going to

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