Gabrielle Grae can help you find the love of your life.

Gabrielle supports women in mastering art of energy to get everything they want in love and life. She helps them step into their feminine power!

Get ready for results!

If you want to move quickly towards embodying your most confident, grounded, radiant, magnetic and irresistible self, then you are in the right place.  Gabrielle is the founder of Modern Femininity.

Gabrielle can help guide you through the dating process in a way where you’ll no longer feel confused about men’s behavior or have to risk heartbreak.

Instead, dating will become therapeutic, fun, empowering and crystal clear.

Gabrielle’s journey to find her soulmate

Listen in to Gabrielle as she tells her story of moving from one heartbreak after another to then finding her soulmate. You’ve heard from on the show, the awesome Iain Grae.

Gabrielle reveals many tips and secrets to getting started on this journey within the show. Listen in.

To connect with Gabrielle, go to and be sure to enter the coupon code SCIENTIFIC to claim your free 30 minute session with her.

Watch the show here:

Listen in here:

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