Jeff Peoples on strategies for successJeff Peoples path to success was inevitable because he’s developed daily habits or rituals that have improved his vitality and productivity.  Listen in to his strategies for success: you might cringe at some of them.

Jeff Peoples is someone you need to pay attention to. He runs a big company, Window Book, which handles half of the business mail in this country.

That is not his only successful business. When you speak with him, he is down to earth, cheerful and you just want to get to know him better.  His fun and lively conversation is full of wisdom and fabulous ideas.

While running this huge company, he attributes his success not to what he is doing but who he is being at the moment. He does many things that takes him out of his comfort zone and also into a state of mindfulness, mindful of his thoughts, behavior and relationship to others.  These are his strategies for success!

He goes around the country talking about how to connect with others better – write personal notes to people often, for example.

He also talks about his simple but effective morning rituals; some take him way out of his comfort zone.

In this broadcast, Jeff mentions several strategies. One I implemented recently, that of taking cold showers. There are a great number of benefits of being in cold water, notably the stimulation of your metabolism into high gear and an increased alertness, productivity and creativity.

I never ever wanted to be in cold water like that. When I heard him talk about it last year, I shuddered at the idea. Now, I look forward to them!

Listen to Jeff’s upbeat dialog about cold showers, green drinks and more and how that led him into his wildly successful businesses and great health. 

To find out more about Jeff Peoples, go to if you have a big business that has large mailing needs or to listen to some of Jeff’s other marvelous and interesting talks. 

One simple habit could be to do your morning energy hygiene. Do it with the Wake Up Your Brain audio available on

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