Cyndi Padilla has a long history with raging success in the corporate world but yet taps into her spiritual side to get her day started on the right track.  I immediately wanted to get to know her especially because she left that lucrative corporate job without a plan in place and needed to replace her 6 figure income quickly.  In a very short amount of time, she’s done that and more.  She knows it’s because of how she starts her day. 

Cyndi disguises herself as a go-to solution for big companies when they need a sales team.  Who better to motivate a sales team than someone who understands what it takes to be successful?

Cyndi started with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. She then went on to a corporate job with with over 20 years’ experience building and leading teams for retail giants like Target and Gap.

From a leap of faith to raging success

Then about 5 years ago, she said goodbye to the corporate world; quitting her 6-figure J.O.B. without a plan, but a KNOWING and a FAITH that it was the right decision. For those of you that are worried about jumping their job “ship”, listen: “your success in one area of life bleeds into other areas

Cyndi exemplifies this.  She and her husband built a very successful business with lightning speed.

Her unshakable faith, devotion, and discipline to her morning routine are the keys to her company’s sustainable growth.

The way you start your day is everything.  What attracted me to her was that she was telling everyone her morning success routine as a way to attract new clients because of how successful it made her and her clients.  We’ll talk about this and more in today’s episode.

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