Caterina Rando passionately serves women leaders on a mission by guidance and mentorship to build influence and have a massive impact. She leads by example; she does exactly what she teaches. Caterina is a sought after speaker and a prolific author, including the titles “Learn to Think Differently”, “The ABCs of Public Speaking”, and “The Women’s Giving Circle Guide”.

And if that wasn’t enough, she is the publisher of the Thriving Women in Business Magazine and founded The Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle. She hosts over 80 days of her own, live in-person events or retreats for women each year. She conducts everything from her high-level elite mastermind groups, to speaking business training programs, to her 2-day summits and her favorite, the annual Breakthrough Luxury Retreat for Women.

Success leaves clues, people. I invited Caterina today to talk about making an impact and how to do it. Staying the world’s best kept secret is clearly the wrong strategy. Speaking, writing, and being out in the world is definitely the ticket and Caterina is a pro at this.

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