Baeth Davis is known as the “Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business™,” and “The Intuitive Business Catalyst™.” for more information.

Baeth is the secret sage to global leaders, including celebrities, scientists and entrepreneurs. Using her intuition, extensive shamanic experience, 15 years in business and expertise in scientific hand analysis, she helps you discover your life purpose, reclaim your shadow and step into the passionate leader you know you are.

She has recently been asked to be on the advisory board of the Unstoppable Foundation and is committed to bringing the consciousness of Life Purpose to the educational system globally.

I’ve been to two of her events and done a program with her, as well as had my palms read. When I first heard about palm reading and human design, I as a scientist admit I was very skeptical. It has proven to be spot on for me. Her events are not to be missed and one is coming up in a month which I urge you to go. Even thought I knew my purpose already, it really reaffirmed it for me.

Since you are listening to Baeth’s awesome interview, including why do super talented people struggle(!), I have several free tickets for this event, which is normally $1497.   I can only urge you to go to hear Baeth’s clear, no nonsense take on how to use your gifts and purpose to better your life and those around you.

The Life Purpose Summit is scheduled here in Los Angeles near the airport October 25 to 27, 2018.  Use this link to claim yours:

Otherwise, you can check out the program, speakers, and location at

Once the summit is over, you can catch up with Baeth at her website, and find out where you can hear her speak.

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