Today, you’ll hear about how people you meet everywhere and in all walks of life are energy healers. It’s one of the things that makes them extremely likable and successful in their chosen careers. They have the same skills that I and many other out of the closet healers have, like my wonderful co-host, Gwen Lepard.

It’s just that they are not aware of how talented they really are. In this show, Gwen and I explore common characteristics and some case studies from people we’ve met who became successful, often rapidly.

It all started when I was enchanted by one of my recent interviews for the show. Her show will be coming out shortly. Be on the lookout for Aleksandra Lenadic.

She’s a physical therapist, yes, a conventional one. Not an energy healer. As I spoke with her, she was utterly effusive about how she had helped some of her clients out of pain and how she was so invested in their well-being. The processes that she employs have a lot of variables but yet she was able to instinctively know which movements and what to do to bring relief the fastest. And it sounded to me like she was in love with her clients and invested in their well being. That’s an energy healer, right?

See if you can recognize yourself in this and other examples.

You too can develop your intuition and empathy. It’s basically you getting healed and learning how to heal yourself. The programs I have can be found at and

Listen to the show:

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