Scientific Healer’s Academy:

Introductory Course in Scientific Healing: The Diamond Healing Method.  It amplifies, strengthens, and energizes you and your healing skills.  Everyone should become their own healer and take charge of their health, especially in the current health crisis and health care climate.  In the long run, it will save you an untold amount of sick time and help you become more prosperous for years to come.  See more details at

One to One Sessions:

A one to one session or consultation gives you the most personalized attention and allows for a customized healing.  Healing packages cover texting and phone support for a month and up to 6 sessions, depending on needs.  This includes a full body tune-up and can relieve one to three major issues, depending on what you want worked on.

Sessions can be from 30 minutes on up, depending on how profound a treatment is required, whether you can tolerate that much energy at once, and basically what are your wishes for your future health.  Some people are more comfortable having more frequent half hour sessions, while others PREFER sixty minutes or more.

The first  half hour  consists of basic tune ups, including getting the body’s energy channels (called chakras and nadis) and fields (called aura) opened and cleared.  This is necessary to support and expedite other healing.  If there is an urgent need, it will  be addressed after this half hour “tune-up”.

After that, a plan is laid out to take care of your issues to your satisfaction.

You can e-mail me here to book a session and to ask further questions about packages.  The more hours you require, the more discounted each hour.

 Relationship Clearings:

Special fifty minute session for clearing out the residue from old relationships, that residue that drains your energy and keeps you from moving on in your life.  Includes opening of your energy channels to bring in health and vitality, removing of blocked emotions that keep you trapped even though you want out, and a clearing of up to 3 old relationships that keep you from moving forward.  15% discount


Group Sessions:

Group sessions can be either in my home or if there are at least 8 people, I can drive to a location.  Group healing sessions are 4 hours, covering the basics and adding some individual help.  There are different aims for each type of healing session.

Righting the Spiritual Body:

chakra and aura clearing and opening,
boosting up life force and
realigning the spirit in the body.  This is required for clear thinking and good physical health.
detoxing including liver, thyroid and lymph system clearing.
brain clearing and righting the brain chemistry for better sleep and being alert during the day.
How to maintain healing

Glands, organs and systems:

healing primary glands and organs including pancreas, ovaries, testes, pituitary, pineal gland, digestive, circulatory and nervous systems, full healing of the brain, lungs, heart.  This will often right faulty body chemistry such as depression, autoimmune problems, anxiety, and other problems dealing with balance.

How to maintain healing


Whether it’s a relationship with a family member, friend, partner, coworker, your self, money, or any other object animate or inanimate, lopsided relationships can wreak havoc on our peace of mind.  This session deals with clearing emotionally charged connections to anything dealing with relationships.
It covers the parts of the body that have connection to relationship: lungs, kidneys, ovaries, testes, brain, and heart.
It also clears past and future karma with people to allow your relationships to be clean and fresh.  It releases you from the bogged down feeling in relationships.
Leads to lowered levels of anger, depression, anxiety and raised feelings of wellbeing, peace and freedom.
How to maintain healing

Learning how to heal yourself and help your family members, fundamentals:

Consists of fundamental healing skills for beginners.

Includes basic tune ups and healing, clearing negative energy out of your body, clearing old karma out, how to maintain your healing.

How to heal, more advanced techniques

Consists of more advanced techniques including boosting up cells, glands, organs and systems.  Need to have taken fundamentals to take this seminar/workshop.


If you have a sick or ailing animal, The Diamond Method can relieve or even heal the situation, depending on what your desires are for your animal.  I can connect with your animal while you are in its presence or while talking to you either on the phone or on Skype.  Sending me a photo of your animal helps me connect better.   Alternatively, I can drive to your place with a surcharge.  In my experience, good results are obtained either way.