New Year, Look to Now, Not Back


One of the things that stops us from enjoying our lives is focusing away from the now.  At the end of each year, we are encouraged to look back to see where you were a year ago, mainly to bring to your conscious mind how far you’ve come.  What it does is bring you back to where you were and makes you focus on your past.

The thing is that you are not who you were last year or even yesterday.  Every day your cells grow anew and the old die off.  You are an open system, based on flow, flow of energy in and out.  What energy you choose to put into your cells each day, whether it’s high frequency food, ideas, emotions, or thought, determines who you are becoming day to day.

It is a common myth that your body is new every 7 years.  Here’s where the science comes in and I think it will help change your perspective.  In actual fact, your different organs and cells have variable lifetimes.  Some cells get replaced every few days, some every few months, some a few years, and some stay a long time.

It used to be conventional wisdom that your central nervous system stayed a lifetime but that idea has been recently overturned; you can in fact grow new brain and spinal cells.   This means that every day you are rapidly growing anew and indeed, you are a different person every single minute that passes.  Looking back is simply not useful because you are no longer who you were.

You can start fresh every day.

So instead of being stuck by looking back, where you are caught in a place of regret, guilt, sorrow or even shame, especially when you fall short of your goals, look to starting fresh every day.  Each new year, I start with a list of ten things I want to accomplish right now.  By doing this, it puts the processes in motion.

Instead of a retrospective, I look to taking steps that are in line with my goals.  Sometimes I don’t know how it is going to happen, but by leaving my mind open to new possibilities and opportunities, the way to accomplish whatever goal I had in mind appears.

You want to eat healthier?  Get rid of the junk food, alcohol, and buy more organic produce.  You want to get more exercise?  Start by walking ten to fifteen minutes every day or doing a ten minute yoga or body weight routine.   You want to be happier?  Make a gratitude jar and add a new note every morning expressing your gratitude and appreciation for something every day.

Take small steps.  They add up throughout the year.  Small positive steps add up to big positive changes.  Add a new step, say, once a month.  By the end of the year, you’ve created twelve new habits.

Your cells are renewing themselves with the new habits, the new higher frequencies.  You’ll notice yourself become more cheerful and joyful, healthier and wealthier in love and money.

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Make your goal list NOW.

Happy NEW Year.





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