Love and Kindness as Core Values In Relationships

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What is love? Often, when you’ve grown up in a dysfunctional family, it’s not easy to recognize it.

In today’s broadcast, I focus on describing my journey through not knowing what love is to finally experiencing it in my forties from the most innocuous of places.

Love and kindness go hand in hand as primary core values for healthy, successful relationships, after trust and respect. Do you recognize yourself in any of the descriptions in the broadcast?

Often it’s the lock and key in terms of what you’re expecting in your relationships to help you discover the direction to take. For me, it was finding that I was attracted to angry people so I could finally appease my demanding mother. Getting away from the issue, of course, doesn’t solve it because you take you along with you everywhere you go.

After releasing that need and clearing all my other significant relationships, whether they were in my life or not, is where I finally found peace. Trust and respect came first followed by love and kindness.

Listen in to follow my perceptions of love: maybe they’re yours, too.

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1:54 What is love?
6:26 Love is a gift!
7:13 Adding kindness to love
10:42 Unconditional love expects nothing in return
12:40 Love and kindness are partners
15:07 Putting up protective barriers blocks intimacy

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