Developing the Art of Listening to Your Inner Voice Amid the Noise in Your Life


In today’s world, more than ever, it gets harder and harder to pay attention to your intuition or inner voice.  You can get caught up in the doing, going down your checklists, ticking items off one by one.  You can get pushed into making fast decisions where you are running as fast as you can and often end up making the wrong decisions.

Here you are functioning in the conscious brain, vacillating between your emotions and logical mind, especially if the emotions are low energy.  The noise gets so loud in your brain that you can lose connection to what’s really important.

There are even further issues that you might not be aware of, that is that of cording.  Cords are lines of energy that connect us to things.  In addition to people in your family, your business, your friends and your clients, you have a lot of objects in your vicinity, including your clothing/shoes/jewelry, your books, your artwork, your furniture, and even your home.  Everything around you, where you’ve gone, who you know, and what you own cords to you.  They all have energy and the cording outside that from the heart that are love, can drag, push and pull you in all directions.

These cords contribute to the white noise, making it more difficult to get in touch with your inner self so you can hear your inner voice.    The conscious mind is only 0.0002% of your mind, with the balance being your subconscious mind.  (The correct numbers are 20,000,000 bits are processed by the subconscious while the conscious handles 40 bits per second.)

The conscious mind is the gatekeeper and lets the information flow back and forth or not.  When it is overwhelmed, you end up deaf to your inner voice.

In this weeks show, Gwen Lepard expertly interviews me on these concepts and we reveal simple processes to help you overcome the white noise to bring you back to yourself, your inner voice or intuition.

We reiterate the importances of cutting cords, sometimes several times a day.  Just as in personal hygiene, energetic hygiene is much like tending a garden.  You need to weed, tend, water, feed and hoe your garden to keep it in great shape.  Likewise, doing an energetic process like deep breathing, cutting cords, and yoga stretching to facilitate the flow of energy along the body’s channels.

Listen in as we dive deep into clearing the mental and emotional clutter to becoming more truly yourself, connecting with your divine inner self and hear what your intuition offers you.

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