Lessons Learned from Healing My Cat

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I love my cats and we have a big herd here, inherited from various places (see above).  Cats are amazing multidimensional beings.  What that means is that they can see beyond the physical into those subtle energies that many of us are tapping into regularly but most people aren’t aware of.  They also hang around me when I am healing people – I call Hazel my healer cat.

Ever see a cat stare at something and follow it with their eyes but there is nothing there?  Cats don’t just stare into space, they are sensitive to a wider array of energies than most people.  They are also so sensitive that they get sick from surprise, upheaval, or a new cat being introduced into the household.

Something did this to my sweet cat Hazel.  I noticed she had lost some weight and her belly was swollen, which happened literally overnight.  I looked up what that could be causing this particular symptom (the bloating), it was one of three things, one worse than the other.

Cancer, heart failure or what is known as wet FIP, which stands for feline infectious peritonitis.  It is neither infectious or peritonitis.  It is a problem developed from a virus that is in virtually all cat digestive systems.

Stress (or age) causes the immune system to drop and the virus takes over, causing an emaciation of the cat and eventual leakage of blood vessels into the body cavities.  Both are usually a death sentence for cats.   This is what Hazel had.

When I picked up her poor little emaciated body early last week, I heard her tell me loud and clear, “I’m done.  I’m ready to leave.” I took her to the vet, and the vet said prognosis is not good.   I also heard that same message about her from three other sensitive people (I have amazing friends), to tell her good bye and let her die over the next week or two.  Cats and dogs (in a different way) are connected to our psyches in ways we have yet to understand.

Hazel was always connected to me from the first time I picked her up 13 years ago.  Her tiny 1-1/2-lb. self made her way up my arm and onto my shoulder where she nestled declaring me hers with loud purrs.  She always wrapped her paws around my neck like a hug and greeted me at the front door whenever I came home.  She sits next to me all day when I do my healing work with people.  She’s also very beautiful with rich brown fur and green eyes.

I asked her if she would stay if I could help her heal her body so she can have fun again.  She agreed.  I thought I was hearing things, but from the results, clearly I was not.  I did specific healings on her systems, digestive, circulatory, lymph, brain/nervous system, and opened up her energy portals or chakras while cleaning up her energy field.  Cats have the same energy body and all the organs we do (except they don’t have an appendix).  Next day, she was already becoming more spirited although she was losing ground with her weight.

I bought some supplements and homeopathic remedies that were called for and gave her raw salmon, her favorite food.  It took about 2 days and she started to eat like crazy and is now putting on weight again.   I am going to remain vigilant and continue to give her the daily supplements.    I am glad I refused any conventional medicine for Hazel or she’d be gone already.  Any one of what standard veterinary practice uses for this particular problem serves to hasten their demise.  Now I am so delighted to have her sweetness and companionship for a good while yet.

The lessons I learned here are to listen to my cat and not what others are saying, including doctors and other psychics.  I also learned that most cat advice and cat foods are plain wrong, especially if it is coming from companies that mass produce cheap animal foods.   I tested what was needed myself as I do with my human clients.

And last, there is no such thing as a lost cause, whether human or not.  I remain vigilant and optimistic that Hazel has turned a corner and will be here for years to come.

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