How energy healing works to create quantum jumps upwards


In this video, you’ll learn how energy healing can create instant breakthroughs or quantum leaps in your life. In the tiny world of quantum physics, you can shift the energy of an atom or molecule by pumping in a certain amount of energy. In energy healing, the energy is more directed but the end effect is the same. You reach a new state without going through a series of intermediate steps and it happens without any time passing. In quantum physics, there are no in between energy levels and it’s instantaneous. The end effect is as if you made a different series of decisions in your life.

The new level is only sustainable if you continue to do the actions necessary to keep it up. Imagine that you worked out consistently to develop a level of muscle or leanness. Now you stop working out and go out and eat pizza every day for a month. The muscle tone and strength will deteriorate and the excess weight will reappear.

Likewise, energy medicine in its many forms is only as effective as the person willing to keep up the activities consistent with the new healing. Listen in as I explain these ideas in more detail and to discover how you can take better care of yourself while you are building your successful coaching or healing business.

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