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This audio is fantastic! I listen to it several times a day; it helps me run my very challenging business!

— Alli Fergeson, Aliso Viejo, CA


Inviting money into your bank account doesn’t require more hard work…it requires new ways of thinking and being. Let me show you the way….


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You might find yourself in exactly the same place I had: I woke up one day over 20 years ago to the realization that despite my best efforts, I was a sick person. I had no energy with up to two good hours a day, I had trouble keeping my weight in check, high blood pressure, a lot of body pain, I had a huge abdominal tumor, and I was constantly getting ill. During the previous six-month period, I was sick in bed more than I was up and about. While this might be something that a person who had abused their body might suffer, I had eaten healthy, run 6 miles before breakfast every day for years, and should have been by all accounts, super healthy. If you are asking this question: “How did I get here and how can I get out of it?”, then this book is for you. This book chronicles the 8 major causes of stress and illness, then it shows you how to move into health, energy and happiness.

Joyce Rosenblad

The Sacred Stylist

I have first-hand experience with Anastasia’s amazing healing work! She removed an old emotional attachment that was holding me back in many ways and also helped diminish/manage my chronic migraines. I then met my soul mate and just got married. You could say she healed my heart. She is the real deal!

Linda Murray

Energy Healer

I got my first paying healing job within 2 weeks of joining Anastasia’s program. And new opportunities to increase my income are showing up every month.


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