The Surprising Health Benefits of De-Cluttering

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Did you know your environment reflects what’s happening in your life, including your health?  When you have a lot of clutter and disorganization, it reflects clutter and disorganization in your business, relationships, and health.

In science, chaos is called entropy.

Keeping things in a stable state is easier by applying a little energy all the time.   It takes energy to reverse entropy.  It’s a major part of the 3 laws of thermodynamics.

When chaos or entropy runs away, reversing it takes more energy than you usually have available.   An example of this is taking poor care of your health so you end up with a seemingly irreversible condition, then needing to expend your whole energy into living longer.

I never used to think about the connection between chaos and health.  I am a person that focuses tightly on whatever task at hand.  Some people call it “hyper focused ADD” .  My children needed to say mom about ten times before I looked up.  I tend to work easily in chaos because I simply didn’t see it.  I didn’t know how it was hurting until later.

Although when I moved into a small house meant just for me, I kept it orderly and all rooms were usable.  Then 3 more people moved in.  Here’s what happens when you stuff 4 people into space meant for one: My office had no clear floor space, my bedroom has no walking space, and my garage was so stuffed, there was no way to navigate from one end of it to the other.

I had no idea why I was hanging onto so many things I don’t even look at any more or even that I was doing that.   It was preventing me from moving forward because it was keeping me hooked into the past.  I realized the entropy was robbing me of my own strength.

Instead of accomplishing what I wanted to, I gained weight, I struggled financially, and I took on more responsibility that weighed me down further.  When I started really paying attention to the subtle energy dissonance the chaos and disorder caused, I saw how clutter and dis-ease are connected.

Over this last year, I tackled the clutter a little at a time until the old and useless got cleared.  The office has walking space, there’s plenty of room in the kitchen cabinets and now when I open drawers, only what I use is in them.

The energetic consequences of holding onto all that old stuff became clear: excess weight dropped off without effort, I found more time to take good care of myself and still meet my goals, new income flowed in, and new clients flowed in.  It was magical.

Just this week, a call out of the blue asked about an old property I’ve had for years and had virtually no sale value.  I got offered an amazing price for it.  It’s still in negotiation, but now I look forward to having this bit of unexpected money work for me instead of sitting on an undeveloped desert property.

This month’s theme is starting the year anew by clearing out the old.

Clearing out what you don’t need, what’s damaged and what you don’t love will allow new things to come into your life.  Stop wasting your time searching for things, moving around things you don’t use or are damaged and stained.  Sell them, donate them or toss them out.  Wash out the cabinets and drawers to remove the old stagnant energy.  When you apply the right energy to reverse entropy, you are rewarded with new energy.  Here’s why.

Energetically and subconsciously, your house is like your body.  When you rebuild one, the other benefits.  Removing the stained, useless or unused, or damaged from your life improves your environment and the message you are sending your subconscious.  You are worth more!

Let the magic happen, free your energy to allow you to soar on so many levels.

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