Selecting, Cleansing, Caring For, and Using 9 Crystals or Minerals for Healing


In this video, I introduce you to nine different common and easy to find minerals/crystals and how they can support your health and healing.

Minerals can support your own healing process, much like essential oils, herbs, supplements, superfoods and a variety of other highly supportive processes and elements.

I studied minerals in the laboratory for over 40 years, actually the vibrations of minerals and how it relates to their properties. It allows me to see how these minerals support your health from a very scientific point of view. For example, diamond is a single pure high vibration mineral and it supports you for clarity and decision making.

Mineral Crystals Support Healing

In this video, I’m share with you is how minerals can support you in your healing journey, which common ones are be helpful, how to choose the right one for you, and how to cleanse and activate them energetically and how to use each of them.

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2:54 Amethyst – straightens out your field, aura
4:29 Rose Quartz – absorbs radiation, protection
5:18 Selenite – release cords and connections from you
7:11 Diamonds – high vibration for clarity
8:56 Rutilated quartz – Protection
9:53 Choosing the right one
12:00 Cleansing and Activating
14:44 Malachite – transformation
15:12 Lapis Lazuli – supports throat, truth
15:48 on acquiring 1. Affinity
16:00 on acquiring 2. Cleans and activate
16:21 on acquiring 3. Wear for suport
16:48 Banded iron, supports heart
16:59 Beyond energy healing: crystals, herbs, superfoods, essential oils
17:14 Halite or sea salt – for cleaning up foreign energy





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