Energy healing can solve your difficult working relationships EVEN tough bosses

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In this video, I describe what happened when Letitia had to deal with a difficult boss and how she handled it on her own, even though she never did energy healing before.

Did you ever wonder if you could change the situation between you and a difficult boss?

What most people don’t realize is that they have all the tools they need at their disposal to relieve this kind of situation. In listening to this video, you will received some relationship clearing with someone you want to improve relationship with, a boss, coworker, spouse, or other family member.

You’ll also hear what it is that I do while I’m doing it and why.

Letitia is the least likely person to be able to do her own energy healing. She is a desk person, has been part of a company for going on 25 years. Her bosses have come and gone and the latest one seems to need a scapegoat. The verbal abuse alternated between her and another employee. When it was her turn to receive his wrath, it made her job and subsequently her life miserable.

Tune into to discover out what happened after she applied the simple energy principles, something even she would have never guessed she could do.

To get further clearings, you can listen to this short video again or go to to listen to a healing done for a group of 40 people. In both cases, even though you’re listening later, quantum physics comes into play. When you hear it, it’s as if you were receiving the healing live.

When you are called to be able to do this for yourself, your family and even other people, please schedule an appointment with me at or contact me at





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