Four ways to clear low energy emotions for making optimal decisions

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Are you needing to make decisions, big life changing decisions and you are anxious, afraid, angry, upset, worried, or feeling guilty?  In this video, you’ll discover four ways of clearing those difficult emotions to become more centered.  It allows you to be able to make the best, most optimal decisions for you rather than a decision that is designed to make the bad feelings go away as soon as possible.

Listen in as I describe methods I used when my life was totally upside down including:
1.  Journaling, 2. Meditation, 3. Going outside to walk or run, and the Bonus tip, asking yourself if you are okay right now.  Find out how to implement these simple but powerful processes and how it really allows you to raise your frequency so your decisions are coming from a higher place.
It works for everything.  I also used these techniques when I wrote letters of recommendation for my students while I was a professor at different universities.  I made sure that I was in a high frequency state, because everything you do is reflected in what you are being in the moment.  What you say, what you write, what you do, and how you interact with people.  It matters.  So these briefly described processes are good for more than just decisions.
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